Housing Research

Multifamily Ventilation Retrofit Strategies, K. Ueno, J. Lstiburek, and D. Bergey, Building Science Corporation, December 2012.

Space Conditioning and Ventilation Strategies Test Plan, K. Ueno, J. Lstiburek, Building Science Corporation. May 2011. Innova is a designated “Industry Partner” for the US Department of Energy, Building America Project “Energy Efficient Housing Research Partnerships” project, working with DOE’s prime consultant, Building Science Corporation, to develop airtight construction techniques in connection with controlled mechanical ventilation in multi-family construction

innovanimations.com.  Innova was consultant to the Energy Coordinating Agency and the Weatherization Training Center at the Penn College of Technology for the US Department of Energy National Weatherization Training Platform (NWTP).  Innova is producing training animations to demonstrate the building physics of air, energy and moisture transport in buildings.

Innova researchers were hired to help align the City of Philadelphia’s Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development to develop mechanisms for integrating Weatherization stimulus funding and PA Act 129 utility conservation services, and to advise on the creation of a workforce development programs involving building trade unions (Completed in 2010). Philadelphia Task Force on Weatherization and the Workforce (2010) (City of Philadelphia’s Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development

Innova researchers have also produced the following studies: Integrating Home Repair and Weatherization - Analysis and RecommendationsAffordable Housing Management and Preservation Initiative (2006) and Expanding Capacity and Speeding Production in the Basic Systems Repair Program (2005), for the Women's Community Revitalization Project (WCRP) with support by the William Penn Foundation.

Innova principals also served as research advisors to two 2008 affordable housing studies commissioned by the William Penn Foundation: Effectively Preserving Philadelphia's Workforce Housing Stock; and; A Strategic Approach to Building Affordable Housing in Philadelphia. The studies were conducted by a team of researchers from Econsult, The Reinvestment Fund, the National Housing Institute, and May8 Consulting.

Innova consulted on a PA Department of Labor and Industry project: Weatherization Apprenticeship Program Model.  Innova was the sub-consultant to the prime consultant, Philadelphia Area Labor Management Committee, offering industry ‘content knowledge’ for the development of union apprenticeship curricula for the establishment of a weatherization craft for multi-family retrofits.

Innova principals served as volunteer advisors to the Nutter for Mayor Campaign and in an advisory capacity to the Mayor-elect's transition team for housing.  Innova principals authored a research and policy development paper on vacant property acquisition and disposition. Nutter for Mayor Vacant Property Subcommittee- Summary Recommendations.